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Direct Sale Services

Direct selling is the marketing of products and services to consumers in a face-to-face manner, cold calling in their homes, the workplace, and other places are away from permanent retail locations.

TeleSales Services

At Exilien FS, we’re the voice behind some of the largest companies around the UAE. But we are more than just voice, we’re partners. We will work with you to ensure your customer relationships are of the highest quality.

Live Chat

Our highly skilled team of chat support specialists are ready to help you any time the day/night. We are always at one click away. We make your customer happy with our most dedicated live chat agents.


Whatever your organization, whatever your industry, accessing specialist skills can be a vital part of ensuring your operations run smoothly. We offer you unrivaled expertise, experience, and resources through our network

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has changed how brands communicate with audiences forever. We specialize in strategic marketing campaigns that focus on building and protecting a positive brand image creating loyalty among fans, and driving new leads for your business.

Debt Repossession

Exilien FS has a highly qualified team that is committed to providing our customers with quality legal services for repossession & collections. We have tremendously developed an integrated network of searching. repossess collection, recovering & surveying of assets in UAE as we as home native countries.

IT Solutions

We provide online IT services and troubleshooting on the networking all other IT solutions.